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Thread: My New Site

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    hey, my names chris, just finishing creating my 3rd site, ive had some help, but the design is my idea , what do you guys think, and be honest if its bad tell me . and that banner that comes accross page only comes across once and never again thank god.

    chris - hope you dont mind me posting my site, if not allowed i am sorry

    BTW- What a cold and miserable night it is in the UK, o ye like always

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    aright mate, yer not a bad site. Im webmaster at filesuneed, and honestly it takes ages to get a site up and going. you have to wait months before you get regular hits etc.

    if u ever need any advice etc. just leave a message.


    p.s where u from in uk?

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    im from midlands

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    Originally posted by Kazaa Lite freak@10 September 2003 - 12:30
    im from midlands

    sites lookin pretty good

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    just updates download arhive with loads of new movies,

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    asmithz's Avatar Hi-Definition
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    Jun 2003
    LOOKs good.

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    thanks, shadow, added some games now


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