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Thread: The Love Of Downloading

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    Has anyone else ended up enjoying downloading stuff more than actually watching it after?

    I've ended up with loads of movies not seen yet but spend all my free time searching for new ones, adjusting settings, checking forums, and trying out other P2P programs.

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    I know exactly what you mean, i got loads of games etc that i have never played after i have downloaded them. It just feels good to download games and movies, ,but once you have them you cant be bothered with them.

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    i do get some feeling, i must have 20 movies i havent watched, and hundreds of proggys somewere that i dont even need, like resume make 2k.....i guess its a rush of any software/movie at ur finger tips and that u want it all

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    4play's Avatar knob jockey
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    Jan 2003
    yeah same here i put games,videos and music on cd only never to use it for 6 months.

    guess we just like downloading

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    Afronaut's Avatar Xenu
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    I believe the medical term is Download Syndrome.
    A bit similar to Down Syndrome as the patient is having the same expression on the face while looking for stuff to DL.
    Only remedy is small Hard Drives, when running out of space, one might get a brief grip for real life.

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    I dont think i have ever done that.

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    Yes.....I have this Problem as a few already know.Downloading Albums has become a Collecting Comic Books.Even though when I Collected Comic Books I read them all.

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    That's wierd man! i thought it was just me. I spend all the time in the world downloading movies and afterwards, i just lose interest in watching them, yet i still download more movies! i guess i must be suffering from "downloadolism" damn, i'm a "downloadolic" HELP!!!!!

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    Me too........I gotta download something every day!!

    Be well all.....

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    That's one of the very reasons I've taken to downloading movies. It takes so long in comparison to half an hour for an album, I find I do actually get time to watch the movie, but there's no way I am ever going to listen to all those albums. Secondly, downloading at high data rates spoils my normal browsing, so I tend to turn it off when I'm at the keyboard, something I never bothered to do while I was downloading music tracks.
    And one or two dvd's every week doesn't physically take up all that much space, but 15 or more cd's every week and you start running out of places to put them.
    Political correctness is based on the principle that it's possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.

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