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Thread: Incomplete .iso image

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    I'm currently downloading a rare independent film via bittorrent, the problem is that it is a dvd-rip in the form of an .iso image and there are no seeders, only a few leechers stuck at 91%. How would I go about playing the partial image?

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    There's no telling what might be missing, and 10% of a DVD can be a lot.

    Your best bet might be to go looking for other trackers that may have it. If it's off a public site you should be able to add more trackers to the torrent while it's running. That way you may find other sources while still being connected to the original one, in case a seed comes on there.

    Try searching in dodgy places like btmon, they generally list which sources they've found for stuff.

    EDit: Having said all that, there's also software you can use to repair ISO images. Tr googling iso repair. Never used any though, so can't be more specific than that.

    And that's assuming you can't just mount it straight off, and run it as is, which may be possible.

    But keep in mind that it's probably not a great solution.
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    What's the name of the movie ? Maybe a member here can point you to a site or even upload for you .

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    If you just want to watch what you have, mount the iso with daemon tools 4.30.1 lite, its free, just do not accept the toolbar when your loading it. For that matter when you install anything always choose the custom install option over easy or express install, thats where they hide the toolbar choices. Since 9% of the iso is missing and since the missing parts will be tiny but all over the movie you can watch it but everytime a missing psrt comes by you'll see some pixilation that needs filling in. If you hit a spot where alot is missing you might have your video/audio sync thrown off a bit.

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    thanks snee, i was able to mount the image and watch most of it even though the file was incomplete.


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