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Thread: Xps 630 From Vista to XP on SATA

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    Just got a new XPS 630 and it came with Vista. I'm trying to downgrade to XP Pro and I already knew that I would have to integrate some drivers for the new SATA HDDs.

    I've made three attempts so far. All have failed. I've already posted at MSFN but not really getting anywhere there.

    Here's what's happenin': Ok, XP Setup PE Installation detected both drives on both of my attempts, but it said that my 80 GB was not a compatible XP partition (toyed around deleting the partition n'such). I thought ****, rebooted and tried again and it finally installed on my 80GB. Windows booted up for the first time, but 3 secs of the bootscreen and BOOM Blue screen error. Safe mode fails too. So then I used a different driver on another burnt CD and installed again. This time it just wouldn't let me install on the 80GB given that it's not an "XP compatible partition" so I installed on the 500GB (which I wanted to use for Media, etc.) but the same scenario as the first ran thru.

    Am I doing something wrong? Please explain to me in laymen's terms. I've tried (not sure if I integrated right since it gave me a blue screen 3 secs after I loaded the XP PE lol), Dell's SATA driver from site and a driver set from MSFN.

    NEVERMIND. Got drivers from Dell site and integrated with nlite and it worked.
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