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Thread: Unable To Access D:drive After Using Partition 8

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    hello all this is a first post. please help

    I partitioned my hard drive (partition magic 8) and installed xp to the c: drive. I am however unable to access the d: drive ever since and of course i could format the whole drive and reinstall everything but my documents folder has projects that are needed in 2 wks. i can see most of the files on the d: drive thru the c: drive but access is denied when i try to open my documents folder which is where all my stuffs are. is there a way to gain access thru the c: drive for my documents content or how can i fix the option to see both drives on windows startup screen?

    thanks all for the input ppl

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    Maybe try running the Drive Mapper utility (look under Tools).

    Maybe all those files just have invalid path descriptions now.
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    hey clocker

    i tried diskmapping but the drive letters weren't changed during the partition process. all except for the cd-rom from E F - M N. thing is, if they weren't changed how do i use the "typical" option list in diskmapping.



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