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    i dont understand how the RIAA thinks it can do ANYTHING to us. if their going to be suing people who download music, soon won't they have to track down people who download LYRICS, without paying for them? isnt that the creativity of these artists? the lyrics in the song? What the hell is a song WITHOUT lyrics? What about midis? They sound like the song. Well, sorta. Anywho, I hope the RIAA knows that whatever their doing now isn't going to work, look at Napster. Although its long gone (RIP Napster), look at what we have now, Kazaa. If kazaa goes down, something new will come up (hopefully with an easier to pronounce name). If they keep planning to sue all of us, thats going to end up costing much more money, and the dude who licks the stamps sure will get dry tounge. I'm only 14, and I don't care about whats going on, I'm downloading the evenascence cd right now. I don't hear any artists caring we're downloading their work. It's only the RIAA, the big shizzlenits who want their moneyz, the artists get theirs, and by golly its a lot. I love to see how this is going to end up, so far it's quite interesting they've gotten a 12 yr old. The good ol' days when I was 7, using IRC to download. Well. In the meantime I ask the rest of us to follow what I'm doing is, HATE MAIL! ^_^

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    ever heard of the band called metallica?


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