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Thread: torrentflux not responding

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    I got dedi with debian os. Had torrentflux-b4rt installed, worked fine the first couple of days. Today i tried to refresh it and got no response, now i cant even get in, firefox just says "waiting for response"
    server works fine, can vnc in, so it's something with the client

    help, pls

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    The requirements for torrentflux is a webserver and a sql database, so you should check the status of those.
    If both are processes are running fine you might want to check log-files. Like /usr/local/apache/logs assuming you're running apache webserver...

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    ive never used linux before, so could you tell how to do that? what commands, etc..

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    Well, it's been a while for me since I used linux, so someone might need to correct me.

    Im assuming you're running apache webserver and mysql.

    To restart apache use the console and do apachectl -k restart

    and to restart mysql do /etc/init.d/mysql restart

    If any error occurs it should be displayed in the console.

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    I would suggest you do a restart then see how you go.


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