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Thread: How Do You Make This Kind Of Cd?

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    i once saw my friend made a cd that the music was playing in the background while the screen was automatically running a slide show of pictures, it was played on his computer but i was told that it could be run on dvd/vcd players as well.

    how do you make these kind of cds? i really wanna make a personal cd that has all the pictures of mine and my gf's and can be played anywhere in auto slideshow, any information about which software, or how to make it is greatly appreciated

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    I believe that Roxio EZCD Creator Platinum will do that.
    It has a module called Photo Relay that makes a slideshow and there is a method of attaching audio tracks to it.

    I haven't actually done it, but it looks possible.
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    this program is pretty cool...i use v142 which is ok, but theres a newer version out (called memories on tv) which im gonna look into
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