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Thread: Question about changing OVH seedbox RAID configuration

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    recently I purchased OVH seedbox with hard RAID, but didn't notice that it's set up as RAID 1 as default. I discovered later after the seedbox up and running.
    Can I change the RAID configuration to RAID 0 (stripping) instead of RAID 1 (mirroring) ?
    I read this on OVH forum :
    Can I use that method.
    How about the data it self whenever I do that method. Let say it's on HDD A, could I just keep it on HDD A whenever changing the HDD B and configure it as RAID 0 ?

    thanks in advance

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    just follow the guide in ssh.
    it works fine ive done it numourous times.
    but u will loose your data as you need to reinstall after youve enterd tw_cli commands.


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