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Thread: As the economy gets shittier, are we going to see more piracy & nastiness?

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    I'm thinking that as people start to get shorter on the old $$$ end of things, they are going to look for ways to save. Downloading music movies porn games and books is one easy way to do that.

    1.Do you think there will be only a big increase in piracy alone with the RIAA etc beating the same dead horse?
    2.Do you think there will only be an increase in nastiness from the RIAA etc trying to scrape up every last dollar they can to bolster their falling profits.
    3. Do you think it will be like an arms race, with increased file downloading, and corresponding increasing penalites and policing resulting in sharing going more underground and switching to other sharing methods(be it encrypted connections bouncing through servicces to hide them, mailing hard drives to avoid detection etc)

    I'm going with option three myself.

    EDIT: I didn't check the poll box.

    but I would like it to be a poll.
    Mods, any chance of some help on that please?
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    I think things will pretty much stay the same, TBO. I'm still going to spend my cash on CD-Rs and DVD-Rs and the people who aren't pirates are still going to scrape together the change to buy their retail value movies and music at $12.99-19.99.

    At least the cost of gas has gone down for better penny saving!

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    Whats the point of the MPAA or the RIAA i have been downloading as many movies and albums for the last 2 years as I like and noone has ever told me to stop. Long live piracy.

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    Long Live Piracy... Indeed! +1

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    I personally don't download movies like I use to anymore. I watch any movie I want (new & not so new) in great quality online via free streaming. However, I still download music from time to time but I insist on using anonymous proxies. A friend of mine received a warning from his ISP recently when he tried to download a movie...their new approach is working so be careful.

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    I don't think the current economic crisis will make a difference either way.

    Yes, the RIAA is now going after ISP's not individuals.

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    download able
    fuck that am going to download 4 life,

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    DOnt believe in piracy REALLY. I donwload movies and music to try them out if I like them i buy them. I spend enough on games as it is (Own a 360 and ts not flashed so no pirated games for me) but I DL pc games and try them. If I like it buy it!


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