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Thread: Requests in the Bt invite section

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    I have heard some sites allow members to request another account after they were disabled or trade invites? I would think not on a public forum, but not sure?

    Thought most were 1 account per lifetime unless staff on that site approves the account to be enabled again?

    Also the sites that allow invite giveaways, so there will not be such a battle, Honest members arguing with traders or sneaky members in the invite-Request section.

    If any private-well known sites allow this type of activity, please let me know so i and others can ease off some collectors-ect trying to get into certain sites.

    Any info?

    As said above, i would rather not post and call out a trade/dupe account if the certain site allows trading-invite giving in some form .

    Pm me if you do not want to post here? Been hard on the members that double request a site/trading in The Bt Ga section.
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    Well, as you already know, OiNK was the only site that I knew of that actually allowed trading of their invites(they mentioned it in their faq). But for others, I just can't see them being too happy about people trading their invites on this huge, public, forum. Where a lot of douchebag cheaters and the like frequent.

    As for what you do in the giveaway section, I personally think it's great. You're watching out for the people that are offering their invites. I'm sure they appreciate that.

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    keep an eye on those guys pone!
    good job weeding the bad ones. and they are a lot.
    it's a never-ending task.


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