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Thread: Riaa Holding Music Hostage

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    I think that one of the things that pisses me off the most about the whole RIAA thing is how the Recording Industry holds music hostage. About 2 years ago, I was looking for a song that was popular when I was over in Europe during the mid 90's. I scoured record lists, went to Musicland and checked their books, and nothing! Also, try to find some of the obscure songs that you listened to as a kid. Or what about the record companies that don't release music in the States, but will release an album over in Europe. It really yanks my chain when I try to find a particular song, and find that the album is out of print, or is no longer made.

    The RIAA should have made their music archives available long ago. However, they felt that it was their decision on what I wanted to listen to, and could prohibit me from finding a song or album. Now with the invention of P2P sharing, it is again possible to find a song that isn't available on an album or CD.

    (For giggles, try to find "Midnight Blue" from Louise Tucker. It is not on any album that I can find easily in a store.)

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    You said it all also me being in Australia dont get US releases till a month later which sux although Iron Maiden came out 1 week eariler

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    It's funny... they think stopping P2P (HA! Idiots, like they could even DO that) would boost their sales. My fucking ass I'll buy their overpriced crap. I download some decent songs every now and then (Me and my sister got about 130, 180 with various videogame music and prank calls ) and I would never buy the garbage they sell today. It's not worth it. Maybe one or two songs on a CD are worth listening to.


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