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Thread: Jeepers Creepers 2

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    where can i download jeepers creepers 2
    i woukd prefer a maximum of 700mb for whole movie

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    Search Kazaa and download the one by DaDuck - I'm doing it at the moment, its taking a long time ( seems difficult to connect, even with 4 or 5 users ) but I have tried it in avi previewer and it works ok its about 701Mb

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    U'd be better off mate just waiting a little long for a screener or somthing,there should be one realeased soon and for feddy /jason..i hope..i'm eager myself for these two.

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    Jeepers creepers 2 daduck file is the one to get but it will take you ages to get it because far too many people are after it. You could find 40 users and it still might not download. And if it does it rarely above 4kb. I given up on download JC2 because i set to get vcd version of it and that better than waiting weeks for it to download so i can convert it to vcd


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