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    Hello there I am just wondering if anyone have any info about I was thinking of getting a seedbox from them but am looking to see if any of you have had any experience with them or heard anything? Thanks.....

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    Just checked it out .. It seems to be expensive for wat they are offering .. Also i always have my doubts when it comes to Ticket based support system

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    yeah...looks expensive.

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    bought one tonite, nothing but bad so far... 30kbps download
    403 errors, site never loads, seedbox never loads

    the only good thing is paypal and the only 1 month contract so after this im done with them if i dont find big improvments


    and now my account has been locked
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    Damn that sounds crap. You should try I got mine this morning, and for a seedbox service its awesome. They state they only share a 100mbit server between two people which i couldn't really believe.

    But with the consistent speeds (Both ftp and torrent wise) and very quick webui response it seems they are sticking to their word.

    Managed to get a couple of flat mates to get their own as well to save our flat connection

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    omg! thank you! its the same price and i get 10gb space! i only get 5gb with
    and 5 torrents instead of 3

    next month im going with proseedbox

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    3 active torrents is waste of your money srsly.

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    Garbage! Absolute me stay away from Horrible speeds and their tech support sucks. Took my money and ran with it.

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    They are expensive imo.

    Theres much better value plans around.


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