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Thread: Question for Giveaway helpers

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    Why do you help the OP of Giveaway threads?
    Is your reason that you don't want any cheaters, scammers, traders to be introduced to the trackers?
    If yes then why.
    Is it because cheating, scamming and trading are against tracker rules?
    If yes well guess what last time I checked, public giveaways weren't allowed on most if not all trackers.
    So by you helping out the OP with their Giveaways you are in essence helping them break the same rules you did not want to break in the first place.
    So I say let them be, if they want to do giveaways and break rules what is one more broken rule by inviting a trader?

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    Actually giving away invites isn't an offense on all trackers, so your perception is a bit skewed.

    As for why people notify someone. Maybe because they want to keep the bad seeds out of the trackers they are on? Make it a better environment so to speak.

    Oh and why do you make a new account for this question. It's obviously not an observation of someone that joined in December. Got something to hide?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alpine01 View Post
    Is it because cheating, scamming and trading are against tracker rules?
    no, it's just a matter of ethical concern.
    whenever people agree with me, i always feel i must be wrong.

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    I see the helpers as people who expose the cheats, traders and collectors. Not a bad thing if you ask me. If you really give two shits about a tracker, you would want the least amount of those as possible.


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