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Thread: virus scanning a new NZB

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    hey guys, i've seen comments on websites like Newzbin that say when they scan the file, their anti-virus software found a virus or trojan. so I have two questions,
    1. How do you scan the single file?
    (I have norton and I only know how to do a Full System Scan, which has never picked up anything from what Ive downloaded)
    2. what is the best software to use for this?
    (i've seen a lot of talk about AVAST)

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    right click a file then select to scan it, or u can open a rar in a file set and click virus scan..... the bigger the file the longer it will take to scan

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    Btw you can get Nod32 OEM from newegg for $9.99 using coupon EMCBCBBBH

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    is there a way to scan it before it comes to my computer ?? or while ? that it would scan chucnks downloaded and if it find virus it just stop downloading ?

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    ESET NOD32 as jbloggs mentioned. It's a great AV software for windows. The real time scanner scans the file while it is being downloaded and if something is found it will let you know and take appropriate action.


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