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Thread: HDBits Request

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    Hi All,

    Does anyone have a HDBits invite to share?

    I have an excellent ratio on a lot of private trackers (REVTT, KG, Acid, Irish Torrents, UKN, TheBox, BitMeTV, Waffles,

    I recently got a popcorn hour and I would like to take advantage of it's HD capabilities.

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    bentomans's Avatar Poster BT Rep: +2
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    it will be better if you remove something about username

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    OK have done.
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    miss sct... BT Rep: +17BT Rep +17BT Rep +17BT Rep +17
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    with your activity here i doubt someone will risk

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    Fair enough, I read here a lot but I don't post much.

    I will keep searching for an invite.



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