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Thread: Automatic Shutdown

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    I was just wondering if it is possible to on Windows XP to make your computer shutdown at a pre-determined time?

    For example, I am downloading something which I think will take 2 hours to download. So I set the download to begin, then I go to sleep or go out.
    After it is finished, I want the computer to shutdown automatically to save the electricity. Because I will not be there to shut it down myself, and so would have to leave it on for a long time until I have woken up again.

    So can I say that I want the computer to shut down by itself at 10pm, for example?

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    If you need a crack or keygen for that program i have one so let me know.

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    OK thanks, I'll try that

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    Look here also.

    These guys are all freeware so no crack,serials, etc. necessary.
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