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Thread: eMule MagicAngel MoD

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    eMule 0.49b Magic Angel v3.6

    eMule v.49b Magic Angel v3.6
    CHANGED: some things to compile with VS2005[gomez82]
    CHANGED: AntiModThief in Argos now uses WiZaRds AntiModthiefCode from ClientAnalyzer
    FIXED: ClearMessageField[Tuxman]
    FIXED: ReAskSourcesAfterIpChange: if we receive a LowID we do a recheck[XMan]
    ADDED: open a default website when nodesurl is invalid[ZZ00fly]
    ADDED: More Creditsystems(Sivka/Xtreme/SWAT/TK4/ZZUL) and some Code changes in Clientcredits[Stulle]

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    eMule: Server.met - Server-List - IPFilter - Skins - eMule Wiki - Nodes.dat (eMule KAD)

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    Thanks, I`ll try it in holidays
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