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Thread: [REQ] TranceRoute

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    I am humbly requesting a TR invite. I eat, sleep, breathe and live trance music. I do a lot of promotion in my town for electronic artists that come through and I love, love, love the music.

    I know I'm fairly new here but I'm always a helpful member in any community I join and I would be forever grateful to any person who would be so kind as to invite me into TR. Soulseek just doesn't cut it and as an aspiring DJ I'm looking for the best quality available!

    I will always take great care of my account and I don't believe in trading or cheating.

    Thank you in advance and here are a few of my ratio proofs to prove my worth! (Sorry I don't have more to offer, I don't have that many sites.)

    Happy Holidays!

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    would be better to post you music collection and stuff like that music stuff related


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