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Thread: sseeddbbooxx

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    dragoi92's Avatar prince of darknes BT Rep: +19BT Rep +19BT Rep +19BT Rep +19
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    Nov 2008
    I want to buy a seedbox but i dont know where to buy
    I can pay 40-50$ for this and i want 50 hdd minimal hdd and 100mbit/s and unlimited bandwith and to to download and upload more than 10 torrents

    Please if u know any good seedbox write here or pm me.

    And i want that the language to be english and the operating system to be windows not ubuntu or linux

    Please reply
    I need to buy this today
    Only ,Dragoi92

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    For your price, probably the best you could hope for is a Kimsufi L, they go for 19.99 EUR on OVH's website, failing that maybe a shared slot with one of the many shared seedbox providers.

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    teresckova's Avatar liVinG tHe future BT Rep: +1
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    Nov 2008
    TRScK village
    i am using kimsufi l at 19 euro,so far so in 9 days i managed 1 tb,so is a good box...the specs are 260hdd.1 gb ram...about windows doesnt worth it...just use a ubuntu desktop server and you aill be all right,cause is very simple to use...instal wine and after utorrent,with webui...wil run as smooth as you can....cheers i hope is useful

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    if only U.S. people could order kimisufi

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    You could always look for someone who has a 750Gb box and sells chunks for other users. Its one of the great things with flux. Another advatage is you get OVH in the US that way


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