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Thread: proseedbox?

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    i just bought an account with and i was wondering if anyone else has any experience with them. I just submitted my order a few mins ago - now just gotta wait for the setup.

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    I'm also with them.

    It's not that easy to get in, but if they currently allow public registrations consider yourself lucky

    Setting up my account took 2 hours, but i guess it really varies, they setup the accounts manually and distribute them amongst servers so users won't slow down each other.

    Normally they are invite only, at least they were for a very long time.
    Experience? High prices, high end service. Speeds above 200Mbit/sec is common on private trackers. I guess it worths the money, but only if you want something really high speed and unmetered. This is not the usual shared torrentflux thing.

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    Really??? Dave or shaqueem or filehoster or reaper01 you are the same guy all registered 17/12/2008 right??
    Also Dave how did you know all that when the domain name was registered

    Creation Date: 2008-12-13 04:43:12

    ?? Pretty short period to review them right??
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    are you sure that this is not scam???
    joining date of both user is in dec only thats y asking
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    sounds like a scam 2 me

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    thank god someone wrote before me, i was wondering for 12 hours.. Nice way to promote ur services.. Grow up promoters, dont try fooling people with such insane old school techniques ..

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    LOL it's not a scam.

    These guys are running their private tracker for a long time, and only sold boxes to members there. Now it's gone public for some reason, and that's all. Dunno why.

    ( I have zero idea how shaqueem is, i just registered here because I saw his post and wanted to reply )

    Sorry no conspiracy haha

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    The same thing you wrote on wht.

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    Are you paranoid or something? Not that it's a bad thing

    But please show me some proof that I wrote even a word about proseedbox anywhere. Because I didn't...

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    looks total crap to me , rtorrent with webgui is very nice thing
    i only wonder why they have 16*sata 2 drives (on 1 server) but 100gb for user and they say 7-8 users per server , so they actually put alot more and they prmosies are crap , i wouldnt go for it.

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