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Thread: Who is number 2 at the minute?

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    We all know who the king of Usenet providers is... Giganews.

    But, I am finding myself downloading less and less every month. In fact, some months I hardly download anything. I love Giganews, but not the price tag. I am considering just staying with them and going to a block plan... but F that. I think it's time to try someone new.

    who I #2 right now. I haven't gone shopping for a provider in awhile. Last I remeber it was Usenetserver, but I think they have gone all to hell. I am considering giving astraweb a shot, if I can get some positive reviews.
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    astraweb, i wish astraweb was a real person, i would get her and ... umhmmmm lets not get into details here
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    Not so fast. What about Newsdemon... with 175 days retention and $18/mth?

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    Astraweb ftw.

    I'm locked in for $11 for life with this fast growing and already solid provider.

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    Astraweb deal is great, but also check out xennews (aka hitnews) yearly plan works out to be just over $15 for unlimited and 200 day retention.

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    hm, actually, i'm not sure about the retention on astraweb. i dl two xvid movies close to ~155 days old, and both were incomplete.

  8. Newsgroups   -   #8 for block accounts. I got a 300 gig block had it for 2 years and still have 150 gig left. I used to opearte it with some of the free usenet accounts. Cannot be arsed nowadays with free so operates in tandem with silver giganews account.. ohh see recent topic silver increased from 25-35 gig per month. This combination usenet-news and giganews does me fine. I may one day throw gianews as I rarelly download more than 30 gig a month on usenet. My ISP provider limits me to 50 gig a month anyways.. I am small time
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    Wait...Giganews has block plans? I could have swore I never saw that on their home page. I currently use Astrawebs 120gb block plan, but I would rather use a Giganews block plan for 240 day retention. Oh wait, are you talking about the Silver plan where you get to download 35gb a month for $12.99? I guess that's ok if you don't download each month. But $12.99 for that small amount of gb's is ridiculous. Now if it were something like $5 then it may be worth considering...

    But anyways, I've been using Atraweb for a few months now, and haven't had any troubles with them. Their customer is great too. If you're a heavy downloader you can't be the $11 a month. But...going from a 240 day retention to a 160 day retention may be a huge adjustment for you Broken.
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    I would probably say astraweb, I'm locked in at that $11/month special and very pleased.

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