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Thread: Is There A Way To Make Song Swapping Legal

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    Is there anyway to make song swapping legal so we can swap what we like

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    Yes many ways. However, a successful business model would require a near conversion of format by the production companies. Until they feel that it is commercially viable, mp3s are meant to be stolen.
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    Originally posted by Jibbler@10 September 2003 - 20:44
    mp3s are meant to be stolen
    ah, i'll have to remember that one

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    Originally posted by from above link

    Copyright holders could voluntarily join together and offer "blanket" licenses, also known as "Voluntary Collective Licensing."

    This is how the "problem" of radio was ultimately resolved (only after copyright owners gave up on trying to sue it out of existence, of course). A "performing rights organization" (PRO) was formed, songwriters and music publishers were invited to join, and blanket licenses were given to any and all radio stations that wanted them.

    Today, there are three major PROs in the United States - ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC. In exchange for a fee, they will give blanket licenses to anyone who asks. (For antitrust reasons, the terms offered by ASCAP and BMI are closely monitored by a federal court.) Once licensed, radio stations may play anything, anytime, without having to ask permission first. The PROs then divide up the fees among their members.

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    stolen I thought it was sharing??


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