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Thread: The Gone Away World

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    The Gone Away World by Nick Harkaway is a marvelous read.

    It's hard to even describe what this book is about- the title refers to the Earth after a major war, wiped out by a new superweapon called the "Gone Away Bomb".
    So, in one sense this could be called a sci-fi story but it's really not.

    The closest author to whom I can compare Harkaway is Gabriel Garcia Marquez...I think the book falls squarely into the realm of "magical realism" but the writing is so surefooted that even as the story takes completely unexpected- and seemingly nonsensical- turns, you're compelled to continue because you know you won't be disappointed or left hanging.

    One of the most compelling and memorable books I've read in a long time.
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    I love Gabriel Marquez .. will have to check that one ..


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