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Thread: REQ: Blackcats invite

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    I had an account there but lost it somehow. Can any1 give me an invite? You can check out my stats at TB/ScT/Waffles/What. Thanks

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    what was u'r id there?

    to be, or not to be... what do u choose?

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    OP-You need a referral and Stoi might not like this-

    Quote Originally Posted by PuZo View Post
    I am looking for an invite to hdbits. I can give invites to waffles and what and maybe some higher level trackers, need proof of your ratios on well known sites. I can show proof also, let me know if you can help. Thanks!
    Quote Originally Posted by PuZo View Post
    Im looking for a brokenstones invite, can offer waffles/what. If you need references lmk. Thanks
    andreqm, do not hijack others threads and ask for invites!

    Quote Originally Posted by andreqm View Post
    I had an account also but I lost it because I missed the recovering thing...

    too bad I would love to get invited also... ;/
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