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Thread: Need help with seedbox in SCT

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    If any can help me, i can download all my torrents in differents trackers, but when i try download in SCT, my torrent only try connect but never download

    please help me

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    This will probably be moved to the Seedbox section, but I'll help anyways. If your seedbox is from poland or a couple other banned countries it won't work.
    See ya in another life, brother.

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    yupp moved to seedbox section

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    It something wrong with your seedbox

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    I have this problem on some other trackers not on sct though, details of your seedbox??

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    if you running lastest rtorrent , then you pust update your curl to the newest version (7.19.2) if it isnt the newest , youll have problems connecting to trackers or downloading files , had same prob few days ago when were trieng rtorrent and wTorrent.


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