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Thread: bollywood/hindi movies?

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    hey all,

    does any one know of a server from which i can get the latest bollywood/hindi movies??

    thanks alot for your help,


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    To the original post, all the big news servers (the good ones) carry all the main groups.. so the stuff on them is pretty much the same. Its just each server varies in retention, speed, prices etc. So you'll need to find a good group for what you're looking for, I see there is alt.binaries.bollywood but I don't know how active it is and what exactly they post. However, there may be other groups for the stuff you want.
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    I'd suggest using headers if you simply want to browse releases. You can just view alt.binaries.bollywood like torrentguy suggested.

    Alternatively, you could also utilize Usenet search engines such as to find what you're looking for.

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    Yes, a quick search on newzleech for "brg" or "d3si" turns up a few of the latest scene quality xvid releases. There's also some non-scene DVDRs available if you search by movie names or browse the groups.

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    thanks alot every one,

    how does newzbin differ then newzleech? will find more there then here?

    i know there a long list of wait and people asking to get into newzbin

    your thoughts?

    thanks again

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    Newzleech is pretty much 'raw' search of usenet while newzbin is search on indexed/catagorized database.


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