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Thread: Admins, moderators, please look!!

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    Hi! I had to create another user here at fst, because my original user got hacked.
    Someone stole and broke into my mailadress, and they have taken almost every tracker I was on and also my user here at fst.

    My original username is Roooney, and the mailaddress should be (if they haven't changed it) ***s@g*****.com. Now, since they have changed my password on the mail they have also changed password on most of my sites. I was wondering if You could help me out here. is it possible to change my address on that username? I have build up some good friendship with some people I'd like to stay in touch with.

    Hope You could help me out on this one.

    Thanks in advantage.

    This user can be deleted as soon as this problem is fixed, so I won't use it.
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    Create a thread in the Report section with the email and password you want.

    The FST group


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