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Thread: Viewing .avi And .mpg Files

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    [FONT=Arial] i have recently downloaded a couple of movies 1 movie is a avi file and the other is a mpeg file each about 700mb so i was wondering is it possible to burn these on cds to view it on my dvd player and if so how can i go about doin this?

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    Ok, start off with the mpeg use nero burning rom to burn that straight to cd u burn it as vcd or svcd it will let now with the .avi that has to be encoded to .mpg u have to get an encoder I recommend Tmpgenc. Since u are new to using it just use the wizard that pops up it will ask u to input you source video that's the .avi just put it there in the video box. And let it encode and when it's done it will be a .mpg

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    as they are both around 700mb wiill they fit on a normal cd-r or will they increase in size after bein encoded?

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    try to get that avi on 2 cd's mpg.
    avi is far superior compressed as mpg so if you do a 1 on 1 compression (in size) to mpg the quality will be bad...

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    Hi MIT,

    GRE1's explanation was a little bit confusing, so let me tell you how I do things. The MPEG you can burn onto cd straight away. Just open Nero, select vcd or svcd, drag the MPeg to the window on the left and wait until Nero finishes checking the file. I there is anythng wrong Nero will let you know (eg. if you have selected vcd when the mpeg is svcd), just change the appropriate settings and ou will be fine.

    The Avi, however, you have to encode, just as GRE1 said. I do this a litle bit different than him. I use Dvs2svcd. You can download it from Doom9 or Dvd2svcd. Here you can also find a lot of guides about encoding, burning and all that other interesting stuff. With dvd2svcd you have to use an encoder. You can use Tmpgenc, but personally I work with Cinema Craft Encoder SP. This one will give you some better video quality.

    Well then, after you have downloaded and installed both programs (and read some of the guides) open dvd2svcd and select, on the miscelanious tab, Avi as the input file. Dvd2svcd will convert itself into Avi2svcd. Select the output file (vcd, svcd, dvd) and open the avi file you want to encode in the conversin tab. Push convert and hit ok and wait for the program to encode your movie. Be sure to read the faq's and guides on Doom9 on the rest of the settings of the program (it is not very difficult ).

    Dvd2svcd, will take care of everything, including audioconversion. After dvd2svcd has finished the conversionprocess you will end up with probably 2 bin/cue files. This depends on the length of the movie, if the movie is short it will be one and if the movie is very long then there will be 3 bin/cue files. I would open these bin/cue files with a program called Daemon Tools. This program will create a virtual dvd-rom player. After opening the bin/cue files with Daemon Tools you just have to copy the virtual drive onto cd. You can use any copy program for this. I use Nero. Open the wizard, select cd-copy, use the virtual dvd-rom as the source drive and your cdrw-drive as the destination and you will be home free.

    I must admit it sounds a little bit difficult, but it really isn't. Just try it and see how easy it is. You will get great results this way, near dvd quality.

    Also, I suggest you'd check out this site: Dvd-r help.

    Greetz, D!mensio_x.


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