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Thread: Req Gft

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    since gft have a ratio system shich is easy to use and i mostly download using my home ip it can be very slow at uploading and i see at gft you can upload for some time example 3 days non stop an your ratio dont get hit and runned.

    so please a invite to gft is very much apreciated.


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    behind you
    All invites have been removed from GFT. For Ex Donors and new donors, exception maybe made.
    good luck, you'll need it.
    whenever people agree with me, i always feel i must be wrong.

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    They do not like traders either... So the word is?
    Quote Originally Posted by Casper413 View Post
    have sct account with very high buffer more than 60 gb buffer pu account looking for rapidshare account 1 year or see what you can offer?


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