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Thread: Gigabit Lan

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    i have asus motherboard which came with gigabit lan it was optional. It said i can have 1000mbps second i dont think thas possible but im only gettin ten is there anyways to sped it up or am i doing something wrong?

    thanx you all in advance!

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    are u on a router, if so then ur router most support it, normal routers dont, but the good kind do.....i dont think theres a reason for one of those, they dont speed up ur connect, just make tranfering files easyer...

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    gigabit lans are still expensive stuff.........i have a gigabit ethernet card myself....but only a few switches support it.... and not on all the ports, just one or two...

    dont worry...gigabit WILL come


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    To acheive 1gb lan every pc (or router) must be 1gb devices. If you have a 1gb lan card connected to a standard one, your are restricted to the standard ones speed.

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    only the server need be gigabit - that way u can have 10 users using their full 100 megabit bandwidth when pullin from that server. alot of the routers 2day support a couple of ports w/gigabit.

    u must also have cat6 cable 2 support gigabit bandwidth, don't forget. that crap is expensive 2!


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