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Thread: Site where every available torrent is checked for downloadability, viruses-public BT

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    Article of FSf- Easier way to check for real (not infected) torrents on public trackers

    Is to help members see the -real or fake files on some trackers.

    "Find 100% Working Verified Torrents at "

    "Public tracker users often need to have their guard up when browsing through the vast selection of similar torrents at Mininova, TPB and others. Some torrents are password-protected; others contain malicious viruses, and there’s even fake torrents to lure in unsuspecting torrenters. Even a new torrent that contains an impressive seed-peer list may look ripe for the taking, but even these offer no security. Finally, for the first time ever, there’s a public tracker that actually checks & verifies their torrents before offering them for download. Introducing, a revolutionary next-gen BitTorrent site where every available torrent is checked for download ability, viruses, DRM and passwords.

    Features at Vertor:

    Everything Gets Downloaded — checks each and every torrent file, and tests them for "100% completion" ability. Stuck torrents or torrents that don’t connect or complete are not added their database of indexed torrents. Also, everything that contains archived files (i.e. RAR or ZIP) is extracted, scanned for passwords and viruses - and a filelist is created.

    Screenshots of Video Torrents — Video/movie torrents are also extracted, tested and screenshots are made (from various points of runtime). While this isn’t a definitive solution to detect bad encodes or unsynced audio/video; however, DRM media screenshots will turn up blank.

    Audio Samples — Audio, MP3 torrents are also tested, and a 20 second clip of sampled tracks are available for preview. Handy for checking music files for high bitrates before downloading them.

    Text Files / NFO Files — By default, text descriptions and NFO files are included with each torrent. NFOs can be viewed without the need to download the torrent. Look for the "Read More…" link at the bottom right.
    Additional Features:

    Torrent Uploading — Simple, just register with Vertor and start uploading! Be advised that there is currently a 2GB size limitation imposed on uploaded torrents, since anything larger cannot be scanned and properly indexed.

    Check Torrents by Hash — We like this! Got some old torrents lying around, or torrents from other sites, such as You can hash check them to see if they’re listed in the database. If so, it’s a good torrent!

    HTTP Downloading Through BitLet — If preferred, users can download torrents via HTTP through BitLet. Useful for computers that are torrent-blocked, or can’t install a BT client.

    Currently, Vertor is about 90% completed, and still in beta. Some of the features may not work correctly for another week, we’ve been told. Definitely worth bookmarking! There’s already a very impressive list of 140,000 verified torrents, many of which are found at Mininova and ThePirateBay; with the exception that at Vertor, they’re certifiably clean.

    Cannot verify for myself..? Do not use public sites like that."

    Source Fsf.

    Fake torrent sites
    Fake file hash checker
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    that looks good.

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    For public tracker use or some semi-private sites also

    i try and stay away from those
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