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Thread: Enconding Movies Using More Than 2 Passes

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    the most ive used is 2 passes but when i read nfo from release groups it says 5 or sometimes even more passes how is this done? and wat program do they use?


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    no point in using 5 passes....2 is enough to get great quality video and achieve an accurate filesize.

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    yea i know i just wanted to know how its done i thought i might try it to see if i get better quality

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    Originally posted by kalashnikov@11 September 2003 - 21:51
    yea i know i just wanted to know how its done i thought i might try it to see if i get better quality
    The first pass is used as a reference while the second pass can get a more accurate target size. A one-pass encode can result in a funky target size. Don't get stuck on the idea that a two-pass will always guaranteed high quality. The target size, video & audio bitrates, and aspect ratio will all play a huge factor. The best results is using at least 700mb per one hour of film. If I really want only a one disc movie, I tend drop the audio bitrate down to about 64kbps using lame 2-channel at a constant bitrate hoping to preserve the video bitrate. For a 2 or more disc movie, I'll usually keep the audio bitrate at 320kbps with AC3 5.1 variable and keep the video bitrate above 1000kbps. There are bitrate calculators available for better guestimation. After more than 200 encode jobs, I prefer XviD and AC3. The best way to find out for yourself is to encode the same movie using different codecs, settings, and disc size. The best encoder in my experience is Gordon Knot. There's a learning curve but I love the results. Vidomi is pretty good for novices but lacks AC3. You can DL Gordon Knot at

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    I always use Dvd2svcd and the Cinema Craft Encoder SP for all my encodings. I always do a 4-pass encode and the results are great, near dvd quality.

    Greetz, D!mensio_x.

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