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Thread: Giveaways : Demnoid 5 invitations ,, bitgamer account , ..etc

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    Hello everybody here ,, After seeing the great work u do here and the co-operative manner that controls the relations between members ,, i ask with wonder why i don't be a member of your great huge family ,,, I know i have no high level accounts except 1 , and have no invites on it by i wanna to share u anything to be a member of your community ,,, yes i know these are low levels but that i have now :

    1- 5 invites to demnoid ...

    2- 2 invites to ....

    3- i had leecherslair invites but it is close now as i think when open i will mention that ....

    4- One bitgamer account ( it is closed now for signup ) but i don't need it now -- i don't know if this is legal to giveaway accounts if no please tell me....

    Thank u all and all these offers are free no trade ,,, and given to members with 100 posts or more except of course demonoid .....
    thanks to u all ,,, and accept the fact that u will gain a new friend here......

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    Good start bro , welcome here in FST :-)


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