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Thread: Seedbox to be used with utoorent for seeding in BC

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    Folks, I know little about seedboxes. I've looked around and there seems to be a lot of providers out there.

    Anyone using one with the purpose of seeding (using uttorent) in a private tracker like BC?

    I guess what I really want to know is, are there any good ones out there that will easily do the job (either few settings to be tweaked, or good user manual.)

    Cheers- R
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    Thank you for your quick response nbo.
    I went with seedbox hosting and I'm already seeding!

    Cheers - R

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    I went with seedbox hosting also their tech support is good but they dont have much of a user manual.

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    Re tech manual - not sure if it's really necessary. Everything is already set up for you.

    I got a little frustrated with them a couple of days ago - my server was down for the entire night, and it had been down quite a lot the pevious day or two. However things are looking good now - they seem to have fixed the problem.....time will tell how good the fix is!



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