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Thread: How much do you spend on your seedbox every month?

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    I spend like 55usd on my OVH dedicated server and no I do not currently share it.

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    i spend ~60 Euro for this shit as indian Internet speeds are just too awesome ..

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    $15 / month from

    great speeds for a cheap price

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    Another one of these threads?
    See ya in another life, brother.

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    to much.

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    165euro, and I own the dual 300gb velcoripators that are in my server

    I seed on sct and scc and I"m almost always top of the seeder list by double the gbs

    my record up speed with only 1 week testing (and seeing peak of upload not very often as it's automated torrent dling is 53MB/s upload while 14MB/s download, spread across 3 torrents mostly at scc and sct at once)

    my server is:

    2.2ghz dual core xeon, 2gb ram, 2x300 10Krm, hw raid controller in 0, 2x1gbit uplink load balanced, 10,000gb bandwidth

    hosted at i3d

    Interactive 3D uses the WeDare / Databarn network on multiple locations in Europe. We offer servers in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Paris, Frankfurt and London.

    Interoute, Savvis, Telia , NTT/Verio , Cable & Wireless


    I know a guy with a 700$ HG 2009 server (had 6x1TB drive in raid 5 or 10), he often is a bit below me in stats but sometimes beats me if I was slow joining the swarm

    the 2009 in premium mode comes with 20TB bw

    and keep in mind these swarms of say 40 people have 25 ovh boxes in them lol!!!

    and you can actually get gigabit to outside ovh but it costs 900euro extra, 300mbit is 250 euro (it's true unmetered and dedicated), not sure if the 300mbit gets gigabit to other ovh but it should...

    so for about 1200 euro you could totally pwn torrenting at sites like scc and sct, you'd probably beat the seeder in gbs

    If your looking for a cheap seedbox I'd still go with ovh, get a 2XL because it's on sale for 30 euro instead of 40.

    weather standard or traffic I'm not sure, depends... probably traffic for hard to seed private trackers, and standard for public trackers

    oh and the 10 euro in addition to much better proc and better ram, gets you 2mbit more transit or 50% more bandwidth (this seems the better deal)

    so I'd probably go with metered option
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    is ur 13d server with unlimited bandwidth?

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    i was spending over a hundred a month on three boxes but i dropped one
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    18 Euro month. Upload sometimes 10 MB/s sometimes 6 MB/s, download 10 MB/s. 140 GB HDD space, Intel Dual Core E7300, 2 GB Ram.

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