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Thread: Riaa Boycott

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    Hi Everyone!!!!!

    Im announcing a boycott pertaining to the RIAA and their associated bodies based upon the news on music file swappers being sued by the music industry. Since the music industry is bold in suing, I can only think what next in this major invasion of privacy and rights??

    Heres some facts to consider:

    Informa Media Group forecasts that the value of global music sales will reach an estimated $45 billion by 2006! Which region is set to take the lion-share of the profits and how will online music impact the industry?
    The Global Music Industry provides more than 300 pages of detailed analysis on the international music industry, assessing it current position and the possibilities for future growth. The report includes forecasts for all of the world's leading markets based on full year 2000 figures.

    It doesn't sound like file swapping is doing too much damage, does it? People must still be buying those cd's, t-shirts, cassettes, concert tickets, etc.
    A group online is calling for a nationwide boycott pertaining to music for one week. Starting September 21-27, 2003.
    If they lost sales for 1 week it would cost them close to $865,384,615.00!
    This would be a larger amount than all of their frivioulous lawsuits could ever regain. Sounds like some executives are getting greedy to me. Think about it, you can live without buying a cd or cassette for 1 week, right? I know many people who "file share" but I also know many people who do it just to preview the song before they buy a cd. Well, it's everyone's choice whether to join this group & boycott or not.
    Remember the date is: September 21-27, 2003


    Please forward this message to all of your friends

    Need more info?
    visit: or your local news outlet.

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    You can buy only from indie artists. Alot of them dont agree with the tactics of the AA. They rely heavily on their fans to purchase so they can purchase studio time or buy merchandise to sell. They write their own music!!

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    Well im glad someone though of it becides me i had that idea but i would have no way to spread the word but now that someone else is doing it im gonna do my best to spread the word of the boycott hopefully we can get 70% of the music buyers to say no for a week i think that enought to send them a message


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