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Thread: i Need Help [Important]

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    Hi Guys,

    i ordered an seedbox from :

    After 1.5 days wait i received my server details.

    But i already have problem with the torrents...
    I downloaded a DVD movie with Webui.

    Then i upload it somewhere else, before that i changed the tracker with torrenteditor.

    Then i downloaded the torrent file from where i uploaded.
    So i let Webui check the torren file, but suddenly it get stuck on 99.9%. I try'd this maybe 10 times, still the same.

    Every time i let it check i get different rar that isnt complete.
    Like, RAR 40 is incomplete, i redownloaded that, then i fore- recheck then it says RAR 85 is incomplete, but when i saw that the RAR 40 is incomplete it didnt show that RAR 85 was incomplete.

    So everytime it shows me randomly that rars the arent complete.

    What the hell i am supossed to do.

    To be sure i try'd with 2 different DVD movies, still same thingy.

    I PM a staff from
    But he told me that something is not the same, then how is it possible that it says the other RARS are complete...

    i know it unbelievablly strange!

    Please Help me!!



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    sounds like something is overloading perhaps?

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    There is no definition of the word "important" which fits here.


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