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Thread: Daredevil Better Than Spiderman

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    I know a lot of people r gonna disagree ith me, but i think Daredevil was a better film than Spiderman. It had a better cast, soundtrack and storyline. Ok so it was too short and they killed off the sexy character, but I just found Daredevil more believable and less sugar coated.

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    Nope it's not I haven't seen it but everywhere I go and watch a marvel movie they say spider-man was better.

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    daredevil had the worst bad guy ever in it called kingpin, that spoilt that film. I would say colin farrell should have been the head bad guy not that king pin guy. As for spiderman it was maybe just a little bit better but was not as good as i expected it would be. Thank god kirsten dunst was in it is all i could say. Maybe the sequel will be better

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    There both the same in my books...both had hot females...good action and fucking awsome soundtracks

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    yes, althought the hot bitches were awsome, although daredevil just didnt stand up to spiderman, it did have good effects, but spidy was better

    btw, did any1 see the banned trailer of spidy? that most of took some time

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    Dare Devil was horrible! i thought spiderman was 99.9% better then dare Devil

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    They were both good certainly better than The Hulk. But my fave is still the X-Men.
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    spiderman was much better than daredevil, even there there was a feeling of sugar coatedness.

    The acting in daredevil from affleck was terrible, and fight scenes with kingpin and the ending was stupid. Havent seen the hulk, but i think X2 was the most interesting, esp Lady deathstrike,

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    oh and kirsten dunst didnt do it for me as mary jane watson, they should have gotten a real redhead as far as im concerned.

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    Daredevil was one of the worst movies i saw all year, i didn&#39;t enjoy spiderman all that much, but it was so many times better.

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