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Thread: seedplace & seedhost on pro servers

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    I just went over the premium ovh servers on both seedplace and seedhost. One thing I have noticed is that, at seedhost, they say premium means unlimited bandwidth. However at seedplace, they have all these standarad, burstable and traffic series under pro servers and does not guarantee 100mbps all the time. I believe the servers on both sites are the same, eventhough there is a small difference in price. So, are pro servers really unlimited bandwidth?

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    It is really unlimited but only if you have 1 server/client. Seedplace is working on this but due to christmas days this will take longer than expected That's why we've disabled pro premium sla servers. Traffic and burstable are still available for those who want ..
    The place to seed!!!!

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    Different issue but it's regarding the Pro Servers again - since OVH has waived the setup fee on most Pro servers for December, could you guys pass that deal onto us?


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