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Thread: multipul irc scripts dl 0byte on large packs only (reward)

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    20 euro to whoever fixes my problem first (also posted in 2 torrent sites)

    I'm using 3 scripts at 3 sites and all are giving me 0 byte .torrent files on torrent packs generally above 15gb in size (300kB-1MB torrent file)

    All smaller packs and all regular torrents work and save and load fine!!! LIke 10gb packs no problem

    2/3 of the time it's 0byte and 1/3 of the time it's 58 bytes

    The scripts say that it's been triggered and will download the .torrent

    Someone suggested that the site might be overloaded due to large numbers of people requesting a large torrent file at once but if this were the issue it wouldn't be happening at 3 sites and I wouldn't be the only one... although I am gonna try this with a sleep time of 5sec before torrent dl

    I tryed a wget of a 100gb pack that failed to download (0byte) in wget and it downloaded just fine at 7MB/s (it was about 1MB)

    no idea whats going on... gonna have this server atleast 6 months and I really don't wanna sit in front of my comp for hours refreshing the page incase a new pack comes :L

    The system is debian 4.0

    I now have wget 1.11.4 and curl 7.19.2


    edit: also it's not wine because only one is using mirc, the other 2 are irssi pearl scripts
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