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Thread: [Req]Music-Vids

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    Hi, I would like to apply for Music-Vids invite please.
    I have really interest about this tracker because I love music and I love watch music clips.
    I have huge collection music clips, but many clips I can't find.

    Now starts invite weekeand and this is my last tracker when I want to join.
    I know I'm not very active at forum but I'm troublefree user and I haven't problem with upload new torrents.

    I can sent my profiles (what,waffles,softmp3,..) and speedtest via pm.
    I would like used double upload to monday, because I have only 256 kbps up.
    PU users in what,waffle can request for m-vids invite but i haven't so much GB up.

    Sorry for my english.

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    please can someone help me

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    moksen's Avatar My Engish is bad :( BT Rep: +75BT Rep +75BT Rep +75BT Rep +75BT Rep +75BT Rep +75BT Rep +75BT Rep +75BT Rep +75BT Rep +75BT Rep +75BT Rep +75BT Rep +75BT Rep +75BT Rep +75
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    Jan 2008
    close this topic bro..
    and send me mail

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    Many Thanks moksen

    Please LOCK

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    dragoi92's Avatar prince of darknes BT Rep: +19BT Rep +19BT Rep +19BT Rep +19
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    Nov 2008
    U can close this in thread Tools.
    Only ,Dragoi92


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