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Thread: need some good french music tracker url

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    i have a friend,she is girl,she just want to know some good french music tracker,she is music fans,hope some french friend help me,hope get some free reagister tracker,,if it is free also good,good wishes for everyone,just write down music url,waiting some good news!

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    Personally I would look around the internet for interesting french bands and then search/request on, or soulseek. Don't expect a tracker to have everything your girlfriend wants and at the same time not have anything else; that is incredibly unrealistic.

    Thor's Land has 1376 music torrents, and most of them are regular english artists.
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    thanks for u help, China find some french resources
    is so difficult,but if somebody like Chinese music,can seach
    there are have a lot free music to download,it is http download
    methods,not p2p
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    if you wanna get some french music, soulseek is definitely the place.
    however, you can try , a torrentsite dedicated to french concerts (live, radio, tv) - lossless only -
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