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Thread: Protect Against Big Brother

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    I know that a million people have asked this but I would really like some step by step help on how not to get sued/tracked down by those big brother b@-stards the music industry. Is there any way to protect yourself?

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    As mentioned many times...

    1. Privacy Patch
    2. BannedIPRanges built into newer KL++
    3. Disable Port 1214 in newer KL++
    4. Perhaps Peer Guardian

    Search items above if need be.

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    where can u get thos patches?

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    There is no longer a patch, it's now just a simple option in kazaa lite that you click,
    i think in the latest release it's switched on by default.

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    Originally posted by tekk@11 September 2003 - 08:58
    where can u get thos patches?
    Privacy Patch is actually no longer...
    Currently it is a built in option in KL++ not to show your shared folder.

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    Thanks everyone for your help, i have now updated kazza


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