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Thread: Problem Finding English Premier League Matches on Usenet

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    Hi all. I'm hoping someone can help me with a slight problem I'm having. I'd like to keep up with both Arsenal and Chelsea matches in the EPL. However, I seem to have a problem locating the matches on usenet groups. I currently have a subscription with NewsGroupDirect and am using NewsRover as my reader software. I've tried all types of searches to find both Arsenal and Chelsea matches but only get sporadic listings. Depending on the type of search I do (ex: "PL Arsenal" or "EPL Arsenal" or Premier League Arsenal" etc) I can get various games, but there are many times when that week's games have not been posted- this is especially true of Champions League games. It's hard to imagine that these two teams matches, with the huge following they have, would not be posted on binary groups.

    Am I using incorrect search parameters? Is there a secret I'm unaware of? Or does it really come down to the fact that some weeks no one posts that particular weekend's match?

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    I too would like to know were i could find EPL on usenet, but OP if your using torrents sign upto for all your EPL and more needs.

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    Full matches do not get on usenet much although MOTD is regularly posted often quicker than the BT sites. As for full matches well I guess we have to stick to BT for the moment.
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    Thanks for the replies.

    Odd that the games are available through torrents, but not on Usenet, seeing as how most torrents originate from newsgroup postings.

    As for the Maxxed football forums, I'm familiar with them, but find many of the games are available on through rapidshare, which limits my downloads, preventing me from downloading a game within a reasonable amount of time.

    Oh well, if BT or rapidshare are my best options, I guess I'll have to just cope with the slow download times.

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    Thanks for the thought, Stoi, but I'm already familiar with all of these sites. Unfortunately, I rarely have an opportunity to catch a live match.


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