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Thread: Glossy Text Tutorial

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    Create a new document in photoshop with the dimensions:

    Choose a nice font and use the color black for a good effect:

    Add these layerstyles:

    Now create a new layer like this:

    Now make a selection like this and fill it with 30 % opacity - White

    Now select the text layer and select everything but the text:

    Then select the top layer again and press delete to delete all the white outside of the text!
    Now merge layers, and duplicate the layer you get

    Then free transform this layer and set these settings

    Put the second textlayer which is upside down just below the first one, and then add a white gradient to it so it looks like this:

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    awesome tut! thanks mate

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    thx !!

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    Thanks buddy

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    Nice one! Gonna make some nice things now

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    Thanks! awesome graphics!
    I'll try!


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