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Thread: how to deal with me

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    Nov 2008
    i did it for save our time

    ok guys, since i have received many pms with the offers that im not interesting in and the most important thing that i have not time to chat for nothing i have decided to write here some rules for my trades. u can probably will think that i have too big attitude, but no i just wont work with people that do not understand me.

    hope that the moderators let this topic be. thank u in advance!

    _ please do not pm me if u havent all that i want!

    need: waffles invite
    offer: seedbox

    ur offer: i have whatcd account, interesing?
    _ please do dont ask for traceker(s) that i offer but do not name his name
    have: one special account, donor, more then 50 weeks old
    need: pm with ur offer and i will think

    that means that i will not name the tracker for u if im not interesting in ur offer. u should pm me with ur offer first!
    aslo i dont need atm those invites/account:
    sct (lol)

    guys, since i offer some trackers that are very good in my opinion and i received many pm with 'nothing' i cant and i wont answer to all of u. please understand me correct. time is money

    if i didnot answer there are only 2 ways: i didnot read it yet or i dont want ur offer

    will edit this when need to. thanks for reading and have a nice time
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    just care for ur time

    im using irc and yahoo. pm ur details and i will contact u if need


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