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Thread: Invites: The Top 10 Most Requested Private Trackers

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    See what is the most requested tracker:

    #1 - FtN

    Hands down, FtN is the most requested invitation in BitTorrent today, and for good reason. FtN successfully combines the best of everything all rolled up into one tracker: no ratio system; great pre-times and content; plus it’s an awesome community with a thriving forum. Amazingly, it’s the only tracker known to have more individual forum threads than they do torrents. Despite all the hype, FtN is beginning to live up to it - the (active) torrent count sits at more than 6,500 - compared with just over 2,000 in July. With a tiny 6,000 member limit, get in the long line if you’re looking for an invite - there’s a half a million torrenters ahead of you. It’s all about who you know…

    #2 - ScT

    Simply put, ScT is the best tracker in terms of speed, content, pre-times and packs. As always, ScT continues to be one of the hottest requests going. With a rather large limit of 20,000; combine this with invites that don’t come for free, and you’ll see why ScT requests are ubiquitous. Even my cat wants to get into this tracker.

    #3 - TorrentLeech

    Without a doubt, TL is one of the finest 0day (general) trackers on the planet. For any serious torrenter, TL is a must-have acquisition that everyone should add to their private tracker repertoire. While there’s no freeleech, seeding is a breeze - as there’s over 160K users and no shortage of leechers for just about everything. Speeds are insane; pre-times are great, and there’s literally hundreds of new torrents added daily.

    #4 -

    We were actually somewhat surprised that took the #4 spot, but stats don’t lie. Just take a look around; there’s always a constant steady stream of requests for this popular eLearning tracker. The user limit has been capped at 15,000 since the beginning of time; and aspiring torrenters who want to get in tend to stay there.

    #5 -

    By far, Waffles invitations get requested more often than invites, for two reasons: 1.) Many torrent forums have now banned invite giveaways to, and 2.) Waffles invites aren’t handed out (for members to actually use) nearly as frequently as they are at This doesn’t necessarily make Waffles a superior tracker, but it does make it rarer - which, in this particular situation makes it a more sought-after invite.

    #6 -

    It shouldn’t be any surprise that would land in at the #6 spot. For true HD enthusiasts, HDBits is the must-have tracker. The quality of their in-house encodes is truly amazing; there’s a ton of freeleech; seeding is easy; speeds are great; and the community is top-notch. When it comes to high def, HDBits is second to none. While signups are never publicly open, invites are handed out to qualifying members somewhat regularly, although most members are quite selective upon who they give them out to.

    #7 -

    You’d think by now that everyone who really wanted an account at would have already found an invitation, especially since they’ve recently upped their user limit to 100,000. It only goes to show how many new torrenters are turning to the world of private trackers, as invite requests to are still strong as ever (even if frowned upon by staff). Besides, the IRC quiz isn’t exactly simple for most of us, which makes seeking out an invite an easier (and hassle-free) alternative.

    #8 - TranceTraffic

    Hot on the heels of are requests for the very popular (but elusive) trance music tracker TranceTraffic. Noobs need not bother to ask for an invite here; even highly-established torrent sceners have a difficult time finding a seat amongst the 8,000 spots. Invites are scarce, which is why TT is continuously being requested by nubs and pros alike.

    #9 - Black-Cats Games

    What is probably the most extensive gaming library on the Internet, Black-Cats Games is not all that difficult to find an invite to (or should be say referral); although invitees need to be diligent - not to mention on-line their messaging software at the time, since invites tend to expire after one hour. BCG incorporates a unique seed-points system; very useful for low-seeded torrents and members who have a slow upload connection. BCG forums are just sick with activity - roll it all together and you’ve got the best games tracker going.

    #10 - iTS

    If you don’t know what tracker iTS is, then you probably don’t need an invitation anyways. Oh, and a Google search for "iTS" likely won’t do you much good, either. Regardless, it’s a highly sought-after 0day tracker with a max limit of 5,000 and just 1,900 users, which makes it to the #10 spot. Constantly requested, since it’s constantly impossible to find an invitation to in the first place.

    I see this in another site.
    What do you think?
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    FTN Is realy Good !! but i Can't Login !!

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    This is from a article on the forum filesharef-FSF about The 50 most requested trackers.

    Listing sites that are requested for numerous reasons, others that are not requested because members know that invites are hard to come by. Some will request any site they hear is good.

    Not sure why it is necessary to compile a list like this?
    Guess it is research
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    no bitmetv?
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