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Thread: Real Alternative 1.05 Sugestion

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    Hello people, mi name is Alejandro and i want to say THANK YOU for the REAL ALTERNATIVE package. Iīve been trying Real Media
    Video for a while and i am planning to start using it seriously.
    One thing that i want to ask you, if itīs possible, that, in your next version (1.05), add the VSFilter.dll (vobsub) from
    Gabest with an option to install and register it. Its small, fast an furious
    As you probably know by now, my english is not so mother tongue is Spanish, so usually i saw videos or encodings
    with subtitles, and, in Windows 98, if you NOT install DirectX 9.0, MPC does NOT shows them at all.
    Hope that i am NOT asking so much.
    Again, really thanks for your effort and good work.
    See you.

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    development section may be a better place to put this.

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    Hi Livy, thanks for your advise.........iīm new on this so donīt know where to post it.
    Where is the "development section"???


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